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BioWelder@ TC | BioSealer@

Sterile Connections and Disconnections of Thermoplastic Tubing

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers increasingly introduce disposable technologies into their manufacturing processes in order to address the current key challenges as they are:

  • Time to Market
  • Validation Complexity
  • Process Security
  • Production Efficiency
  • Cost of Goods

The utilization of disposable bag technology, as one of technologies widest implemented, requires intelligent and flexible solutions for fluid handling, for tubing connections and disconnections in particular.

Sterile Fusing and Sealing of thermoplastic tubing are key technologies that offer most flexibility to the end users that are interested in getting a solution for multiple connection and disconnection cycles.

Sartorius BioWelder® TC and BioSealer®  are devices that meet these requirements set by the industry. The ability of assuring quick and reliable connections and disconnections made BioWelder® TC and BioSealer® to the product of choice in the biopharmaceutical industry.