Risk is inverse to process understanding

About Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

What do food and drugs have in common? Both are intended for human use and their production is characterized by well-engineered processes. Besides raw materials and intermediates especially the manufacturing process in particular has a major influence on the final product quality. Therefore, regulatory compliance and marketability call for detailed process development and profound process understanding.

Synchronized Process Analytical Technology Solutions

Process Analytical Technology is much more than just one sensor integrated into a process. Process Analytical Technology is a risk-based strategy for designing, analyzing and controlling manufacturing processes. The Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) are identified in line with the definition of the Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) of intermediates or final products. Process Analytical Technology offers a number of tools for measuring and controlling these CPPs. Sartorius has the right choice of solutions you need: discover our world of Synchronized Process Analytical Technology Solutions.