Adjustment wheel 

      • Offers extremely fast volume setting and easy menu navigation
      • Enables ergonomic one-handed operation
      • Controls accurately manual pipetting and titrating speed with just a light touch of thumb



      New generation technology


      • Enhanced DC-motor concept takes Picus a step beyond the existing technological solutions providing outstanding performance
      • Electronic brake stops the piston movement rapidly and precisely ensuring high precision especially in serial dispensing
      • Optical sensor controls and monitors piston movement in real time ensuring unbeatable accuracy and reliability


      Microwell plate tracker

      • Unique built-in tracker for 96 and 384 well plates guides the user to pipette into correct wells
      • Improves work effi ciency and reliability of results
      • Tracker is an optional feature used in conjunction with Pipetting, Reverse Pipetting and Multi Dispensing modes

    • Ergonomics

      • Lightest and smallest electronic pipette (only 100 g)
      • Comfortable handle design and finger hook
      • Unique electronic tip ejection
      • Together with our distinquished Pipetting Academy training program, Picus will help you improve your health and safety in the lab