Microfiltration Sets

Sartocon® Slice microfiltration Set supplies up to five Slice Cassettes with 0.1m² filter area each. All pressurized parts of the system are hard piped and connected via sanitary Tri Clamp adapters. The Set fits directly to the SartoJet pump head.

SARTOFLOW® Slice 200 Benchtop System

SARTOFLOW® Slice 200 Benchtop Crossflow system complete with Pump, Sartocon Slice 200 holder, 500 ml Vessel, Talent TE 4101 Balance, Pressure sensors, Fittings, Hose, Stir bar, Sartowedge Software, Torque wrench and cables.
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SARTOFLOW® Alpha plus SU

SARTOFLOW® Alpha plus SU a Crossflow filtration system equipped with high end Single use components: a gamma pre-sterilised Crossflow-Loop with Self contained Unit, pressure doms, flow meter, valves, bags and tubings. Users have process control during micro-, ultra- and diafiltration applications.
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