Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

Pharmaceutical products, such as injectable and infusion solutions or those that come in contact with open wounds, must conform to exactly defined quality standards. The desired quality of the final product can only be obtained when the entire production process is adequately safeguarded against contamination, particularly at critical points where this product is exposed to microbial contamination.
Validation is indispensable for guaranteeing the safety of pharmaceuticals.
The Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry is bound by many regulations and stipulations of a legal nature. These require the highest possible level of safety from the products used, the best possible elimination of handling errors and processes which are simple and can be validated. The culture media used for the Microbial Limit Test is mostly agar in petri dishes, which is recommended by the pharmacopoeia and approved by the industry.

  • Effective and progressive work flow
  • Highest level of safety and reliability
  • Compliance with international standards such as EP, USP and ISO Standards
  • Consistently certified high quality
  • Avoidance of false negative or positive results

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