Microsart® @vance®

Advance your microbiological quality control of Pharma-Biotech products

A new product line within the successful Microsart® product family is aimed at microbiological applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry: Microsart® @vance®.
@vance® stands for even more progress and intelligent design, enhanced safety and thus more reliable results.

Following the trend of using single-use products, these products are delivered sterile, ready-to-use and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The new Microsart® @vance® product line is being launched with the Microsart® @filter 100 and 250 filter units, and Microsart® @media.

The process of producing pharmaceuticals and bringing new drugs to the market is becoming an increasingly costly business. The pharmaceutical and biotech industries are driven by the need to optimize their work flows and increase efficiency without compromising their level of safety.
Microsart® @filter together with  Microsart® @media not only saves time and labor costs but minimizes the risk of secondary contamination - that's advanced colony counting by Sartorius Stedim Biotech.