Microsart @media

Advanced System for Agar and Membrane Transfer

Microsart® @media are pre-filled agar media dishes, sterile packaged and ready-to-use together with Microsart® @filter units.
Microsart® @media are characterized by an innovative patented lid, which allows the touch-free transfer of the membrane onto agar. In addition easy access to the colonies is given after incubation due to the liftable lid.
Only a few steps from taking the sample until incubation by eliminating the risk of secondary contamination excel this product. Microsart® @media meet the most stringent quality assurance standards. The innovative membrane transfer concept of the active lid of Microsart® @media allows a

  •  touch-free membrane transfer and therefore
  • reduced risk of secondary contamination

Due to the concerted development of Microsart® @filter and @media the active lid of Microsart® @media fits perfectly onto the Microsart® @filter base and thus allows an easy and reliable transfer of the membrane filter onto the agar.
This results in best growth conditions, outstanding
recovery rates and reliable results.

This product line is especially developed to enhance the safety of microbiological quality control in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

  • for Microbial Limit Testing according to the USP (chapter <61>) and EP (chapter <2.6.12>)
  • for efficient, advanced work flows in quality assurance laboratories