Today’s biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes put enormous challenges onto filtration systems in upstream and downstream processing. Filtration of cell culture media itself, clarification and removal of remaining cells or cell debris after cell harvest as well as reduction of turbidity and other contaminants resulting from the downstream processing are among others major applications for modern filter systems.

In this context effective prefiltration is of highest importance for the design of economic filtration systems for biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Prefilters typically protect and extend the capacity of more expensive sterilizing grade or Mycoplasma retentive membrane filters or subsequent downstream processing equipment such as chromatography columns or crossflow systems.

The newly developed Sartoguard Filter Family is specifically designed for such challenging prefiltration applications and assures optimal protection of sterilizing grade and Mycoplasma retentive filters. They allow for significant downsizing of filtration systems in biotech manufacturing due to their optimized retention and protection efficiency combined with an extremely high total throughput performance.