Layout and design of biopharmaceutical production facilities

Single-Use Technologies Engineering

Single-use technologies influence the layout and design of biopharmaceutical production facilities. It is obvious that flexible and configurable multi product processes have different requirements than large-scale processes for bulk drug substance which are still produced in stationary and hard piped stainless steel equipment.

During the past decade, modern biopharmaceutical production processes have changed due to new materials on the one hand and overall performances on the other. Single-use equipment has been established in several unit operations and cover wide fields of applications today. These unit operations can be easily configured to complete process lines for biopharmaceutical productions, just by linking them to each other. The resulting advantages of single-use process steps are e.g. faster instalment and less engineering work, lower initial investments, lower risk on cross contaminations through pre sterilized consumables, lower maintenance time and faster handling through no CIP and SIP requirements and a lower carbon dioxide balance. These are convincing arguments driving the single-use technology made by Sartorius Stedim Biotech.


Engineering Process: