Layout and design of biopharmaceutical production facilities

Platform Processes

In order to reduce time and engineering effort during design and construction of biopharmaceutical plants, Integrated Solutions at Sartorius Stedim offers entire single-use process platforms (Process4Success®). These are well defined sequences of pre-defined unit operations combined to entire process lines. These platform processes will support present and future progress in biopharmaceutical development and production in order to shorten the time-to-market by minimising engineering efforts and installation work.

Major benefits of process platforms are:

  • faster time to market
  • less engineering work
  • fast project execution
  • lower initial investment
  • precise cost determination and allocation in early design phases
  • possibilities for process optimization through flexible configurations
  • accelerated and reliable start of production

All single-use process platforms proposed consist of several standard unit operations modules available in different scales. Each standard unit operation module is well defined allowing a quick configuration of existing modules towards building a complete process, serving the customers needs, and allowing a fast and efficient implementation of any biopharmaceutical process.

Currently the following standard unit operation modules are available:

  • media / buffer preparation
  • bio reaction / cell culture
  • cell removal / harvest
  • pooling / storage
  • sterile filtration
  • capturing / polishing
  • virus inactivation / virus clearance
  • ultrafiltration/ diafiltration