New Generation of Rocking Motion Bioreactors.


New Generation of  Rocking Motion Bioreactors.

The BIOSTAT® RM is the new generation of disposable
bioreactors utilizing rocking motion for low shear stress cell cultivation.

It is ideal for:

  • Cell culture, growth of animal, insect and plant cells
  • Shear sensitive cells and bacteria
  • Transition from shake or tissue culture flasks
  • Seed Cultivation for large scale Bioreactors
  • Production scale up to 100 L
  • For all your single-use applications

Features and Benefits:

  • No SIP (sterilization in place) required
  • No CIP (cleaning in place) required
  • Superior process control
  • Comprehensive 'ready-to-use' packages
  • Validation guide and extractable data available
  • Application notes based on customer evaluations