Flexel® Single-Use Mixers


Single-Use Mixers Platform

For Ease of Use, High Performance and Smart Mixing

Sartorius Stedim Biotech is providing a dual technology approach for a process based solution offering.

Flexel® for LevMixer®1 with a levitating impeller can ideally be applied for:

  • Ultra Clean Mixing (no friction)
  • Low-shear mixing for sensitive product
  • Liquid-liquid mixing, homogeneization and re-suspension

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Flexel® for Magnetic Mixer®2 with its strong magnetic coupling can ideally be applied for:

  • Powerful mixing with high-torque and high rotation speed
  • High viscosity and/or concentrated powders dissolution
  • Large volume

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More information on the 2 technologies in the linked Brochure

¹LevMixer is a trademark of Pall Corporation and this product uses Pall patented LevMixer technology.
²Using Pall patented mixing technology

All information on patents can be found at Pall.com/patents